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Wood rescuer.

Southern Ohio Native Roger A. Donaldson, II makes items out of trees that have found themselves in the way of new construction or that property owners needed removed. Instead of merely becoming firewood, Donaldson has the trees cut to his specifications and creates beautiful items that will last many more years.

All wood has beauty and is good for something. Instead of looking for wood to do a project many times the wood speaks to what it would like to become. Imperfections in grain can be showcased, not cut out and tossed in the burn pile.

With his “waste not, want not” mantra Donaldson also scours yard sales, thrift stores, and friends basements for unique items to refurbish and find a new home for. Wood from another builder’s scrap pile can become a useful item once again. These one of a kind items are for sale here as they become available.